Invaders Attack Cherbourg - Setup

We thought that we were safe.  Our small flotilla had narrowly avoided destruction due to the gallant sacrifice of brave British and Russian sailors who placed a wall of steel between the civilian ships packed with refugees and the terrible Invader war machines.

As we finally neared the French cost, we all felt a tremendous sense of relief.  A huge French fleet lay at anchor off the coast of Cherbourg, and it was impossible not to feel a sense of awe as we passed between the mighty battleships and battlecruisers of that formidable force.  Our feeling of security was further boosted as we passed the mighty Fort de Chavagnac.  Its huge guns and those of the towering shore defences pointed expectantly seaward, in the direction of the faint reddish glow that still lit the horizon.

What we did not know then was the dreadful cargo deep in the hold of our liner.  We later discovered that during the final assault on London an elite troop of the Black Watch had managed to bring down one of the enormous insectoid Hive Ships, and recovered something from within its depths.  This cargo, and what the French scientists might learn from it to use against the enemy had become a major hope for the war effort.

But somehow the Invaders learned of our plans and had devised one of their own.  The first we knew of it was the fearful news that the Invaders had made landfall at Morsalines, destroying an entire French army with contemptuous ease, before moving inland.  Soon after, tripods were sighted off the coast of Cherbourg, a huge mass of them striding toward the port.  It became clear the Invaders had planned an attack with meticulous malevolence, striking simultaneously at Cherbourg from both land and sea to cut off all escape, obliterate the city and reclaim what had been taken...

Scenario Overview

This scenario is a last desperate fight for the human forces against Invaders who strike from both land and sea in a simultaneous assault. The Humans race to develop a new biological weapon which will turn the tide of the war while the Invaders, who have learnt of this plan from their human captives, seek to destroy the scientists and their research and destroy the city and defenders which shelter them. Time is short and one side will prevail within the space of a single day.

The command and control of the human forces is located in two massive bunker complexes to the north and south of the city, each of which coordinate a theatre of the fight. Each Bunker Complex is worth 3 Victory Points (awarded to the Invaders if it is destroyed, or the Humans if it is still intact at the end of turn 4).

Refugees are packed into two major refugee centres in the city. Destroying this mass of humanity would be a massive blow to the morale of the defenders and the scientists. Each Refugee Shelter is worth 4 Victory Points (awarded to the Invaders if it is destroyed, or the Humans if it is still intact at the end of turn 4).

Scientists are working on a secret weapon in an Advanced Research Centre located in the heart of the city. Destroying this programme would deal a significant blow to Human attempts to create a biological weapon to turn the tide against the Invaders. The Advanced Research Centre is worth 6 Victory Points (awarded to the Invaders if it is destroyed, or the Humans if it is still intact at the end of turn 4).

The Invaders, assured of their victory, have constructed a Drone Hive in the farmland near the city. Inside lurks a fearsome Alien Intelligence. If the humans can find and experiment on this being they will gain great advances in their research to create a new weapon. The Drone Hive is worth 5 Victory Points (awarded to the Humans if it is destroyed, or the Invaders if it is still intact at the end of turn 4).

Victory Points are also awarded for destroyed and derelict models (no points are awarded for prized models in this game). For every 200 victory points of models destroyed, each side is awarded 1 victory point.