Convoy Scenario

Having written the Convoy scenario, it was high time to test it!

This game featured 4 nations. As per the scenario each nation fielded 750 points and recieved one squadron of merchant ships (represented by 3 unpainted frigates) the fleet lists were:

2 x Lexington Cruisers
1 x Independence Battleship (kinetic generator)
2 x A-17 Bombers
3 x John Henries
4 x Augusta Frigates
3 x Escorts (all accompnying the merchant squadron)

3 x Tribal Cruisers (shield generators)
1 x Avenger Fleet Carrier
3 x Hawk Rotors
4 x Attacker Frigates
3 x Escorts

Prussian Empire
3 x Cruisers
1 x Battleship (shield generator)
2 x Pflicht Scoutships
3 x Frigates
3 x Frigates
4 x Escorts (1 with battleship, 3 with merchant squadron)

2 x Cruisers
1 x Battleship (shield generator)
2 x Gyros
1 x Sky Fortress
3 x Destroyers
3 x Frigates

As you can see, this scenario led to people choosing models which might not otherwise be used - having only 750 points, and needing to escort 3 small ships the length of the table made cruisers the flavour of the day (which is nice as they haven't seen play in our games sinc we stopped playing with just the starting fleets). I'll include commnentary from the other players, about what they were planning at the conclusion of the report.

Here is the table setup, prior to deployment:

The engagement began slowly. After sighting one another the fleets advanced cautiously. The Prussians advanced using the terrain to screen their advance, splitting their fleet into two main forces, the frigate merchants and cruisers hugged a large island for cover, while the battleship and Phlicht scoutships advanced boldly down the flank, into the bulk of the Japanese fleet. The Japanese, realising the threat of the Pflichts fired a full spread of rockets at the rapidly advancing blimps, but the high altitude of the scoutships meant the combined Japanese fire had little effect.

The British dispatched the bulk of their force down one flank with the cruisers screening the smaller ships, while the Avenger carrier made slow passage toward the centre of the engagement, with the Hawks flying high above in support. The Americans dispatched a fast moving battlegroup to engage the British convoy, with a squadron of frigates rapidly advanced toward the British convoy fleet supported by a pair of bombers flying above them. British torpedoes carved a bright wake through the waves, leaving one of the American frigates a burning ruin, while accurate British gunnery claimed another.

Not to be outdone, the American Commodore ordered his engineers to engage the kinetic generator, and the great battleship lurched forward, paddlewheels churning with amazing speed - surging past the frigates, rounding the island and sending a devastating barrage of fire into the surprised British convoy, sinking a frigate and damaging a cruiser.

The rest of the American fleet formed up around the merchant ships and advanced behind the Lexington cruisers, which were supported by the fearsome John Henry flying robots. This force opted for a more central route.

The British Admiral, taken aback by the speed of the American battleship, ordered 2 squadrons of dive bombers to swoop on the large target. Ack Ack filled the sky, and the first squadron of bombers were ineffective, but the second inflicted a critical hit causing smoke to billow from the mighty ship. The Hawks darted forward, dropping mines in the path of the American merchant convoy. In response the John Henries rocketed forward, their guns claiming one of the Hawks.

Meanwhile the Prussian Pflichts raced forward, into the heart of the Japanese fleet, bombing the Burning Sun Cruisers and launching a brazen boarding attempt on the Japanese merchant ships. However a devastating barrage of AA claimed the Prussian rocket marines. More concentrated fire sent one of the Pflicht’s tumbling down to the ocean.

Now the Prussians ordered their dive bomber forward, and they roared down unleashing their deadly payload, sinking one of the Japanese cruisers.

On the other flank the American Bombers launched a salvo of torpedoes at the British cruisers, and a few moments later a cruiser was torn apart by a massive magazine explosion.

The Prussian cruisers advanced forward and fired on the Japanese battleship which had been slowly moving forward to support the solitary remaining cruiser. However, their eagerness to get to grips with the enemy left their merchant ships exposed, and the British carrier responded by launching a series of torpedo salvos that claimed two of the Prussian merchant ships.

Too late, the Japanese Admiral ordered the fleet forward to support the carriers, sending the lumbering Sky Fortress forward to support the battleship. Seeing a golden opportunity the Prussian Admiral ordered his battleship forward. The main guns claimed the remaining Japanese cruiser, while Prussian marines boarded, and captured the Japanese battleship, disposing of the samurai with contemptuous ease. The Sky Fortress launched an assault to recapture the battleship, but they succeeded too late, the battleship had been left a floating hulk.

Meanwhile, on the other flank, the British had punched a hole in the American flank, and sent their merchant ships and escorts toward the safety of the open sea beyond. The Hawks laid more mines, forcing the American convoy to change course, and try to pass through the channel leading to the flank. The John Henries roared after the Hawks, their weapons inflicting more damage on the British rotors.

The American Admiral, realising that his damaged ship risked being overwhelmed by the British fleet, ordered his ship forward striking a mine, which caused terrible damage aboard the ship. A second mine also detonated, with little effect. Unfortunately, it was too late. Royal marines from the Hawks boarded the crippled ship and overpowered the US Marines, capturing the FSA battleship. Outraged by this turn of events the John Henries counter boarded, destroying the British boarding party. Seeing their prize slip beyond their reach, the British Admiral ordered the carrier to open fire on the derelict FSA ship, and had the satisfaction of watching it slip beneath the waves.

The Prussian cruisers now eyed the Japanese sky fortress, and wasted no time in boarding the gigantic carrier, overwhelming the remaining sky samurai, and claiming yet another prize for the Prussian Empire. Outraged by the loss of their capital class ships the remaining Japanese ships opened up on the Prussian battleship and succeeded in starting a raging fire. However the Prussian frigates sped forward, and captured the Japanese battleship once more – taking both Japanese capital ships.
Meanwhile the Prussian escorts formed up around the remaining Prussian merchant ship and sped toward safety.

The remaining British Hawks, made one last desperate manoeuvre swooping low to drop mines on the tightly packed American merchant convoy sinking all the merchant ships and an escort. In return both Hawks were downed by the John Henries.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we only managed to play for 4 turns, and thus, did not manage to complete the scenario.

For the record the final points were

460 Points of Kills (including 2 Merchant Ships)
0 Points of Half Hull points
670 Points of Prizes
Total: 1130

855 Points of Kills (including 5 Merchant Ships)
57 Points of Half Hull points
50 Points of Prizes
Total: 962

630 Points of Kills (including 1 Merhcant Ship)
0 Points of Half Hull points
0 Points of Prizes
Total: 630

190 Points of Kills
90 Points of Half Hull points
0 Points of Prizes
Total: 280