Battle Report 1

Today we played a 4-player game of Dystopian Wars. The setup was fairly simple - each nation would deploy in one corner of the table, opposite their allied force, and beside and directly opposite to their enemy force. In the past our 4 player games using the starter fleets + carriers have taken a fair while, so we decided to reduce frigate squadrons and ditch the 10 free flyers, while each trying a squadron of the newly released medium flyers instead of bombers. The fleets deployed were:

1 Squadron of 3 Frigates
1 Squadron of 3 Cruisers (swapped 1 turret for shields)
1 Battleship (swapped 1 turret for shields)
1 Fleet Carrier
1 Squadron of 3 Hawk Class Scout Rotors
TOTAL: 815pts

1 Squadron of 4 Frigates
1 Squadron of 3 Frigates
1 Squadron of 3 Cruisers
1 Battleship (swapped rockets for shields)
1 Fleet Carrier
1 Squadron of 3 Lee Class Scoutships
TOTAL: 800pts

1 Squadron of 4 Frigates
1 Squadron of 3 Cruisers (with lethal strike)
1 Battleship =170pts
1 Sky Fortress=120pts
1 Squadron of 3 Pflicht Class Scoutships
TOTAL: 795pts

1 Squadron of 4 Frigates
1 Squadron of 3 Cruisers (with incendiary rounds)
1 Battleship (equipped with shields)
1 Sky Fortress
1 Squadron of 3 Inari Scout Gyros
TOTAL: 815pts

The fleets encountered each other and rapidly signalled for their squadrons to prepare to close with the enemy and engage, the Blazing Sun Admiral, in contrast to the others elected to hold his battleship and cruisers in reserve, to maximise their rocket yield, while flinging his frigate squadron directly toward the British cruisers. A brief exchange of fire saw the both sides loose a frigate The carriers launched their aircraft, with fighter squadrons climbing slowly into the sky on all sides – The Federated States of America made sure to use their double-decked carrier to full effect launching 2 squadrons at once. Meanwhile the FSA Admiral ordered his battleship forward to engage with a Prussian cruiser squadron – his opening volley fortuitously struck one of the Prussian’s magazines, causing it to explode with a deafening roar! Heartened by the sight the, a squadron of FSA frigates joined the firefight, sinking two Prussian frigates, which were closing rapidly. The FSA aircraft carrier moved forward as fast as it’s giant paddlewheels could turn and was struck a glancing blow by long-range Blazing Sun rockets.

Now the British Hawk Rotors darted forward, deploying mines to attempt to slow a aggressive Prussian ships teeming with rocket marines. The exchange fire with the Pflicht scout zeppelins, and the Prussian battleship, but their agility and armour deflect the worst of the fire. The British battleship joins the fray shadowed by a close-air-patrol of fighters, but its fire and torpedoes are ineffectual against the enemy scout zeppelin. Meanwhile, the remaining Prussian frigates seize the initiative, their daring raid on the FSA damages a frigate, while their rocket marines successfully board and capture two others, braving a withering hail of ack-ack fire.

The FSA admiral still has his eyes on the remaining Prussian cruisers, and again his gunners strike true as round after round strikes home, causing another magazine explosion on a second cruiser. The remaining cruiser slinks away rather than face oblivion, turning sharply around a small island, to stalk the remaining FSA frigates still in American hands. A short distance away the FSA cruisers, supported by the Lee scoutships pour fire into the Inari gyro’s, managing to down one of the fearsome machines. Blazing Sun rockets continue to fall amongst British the British cruisers who retaliate by sinking another Blazing Sun frigate. The Blazing Sun battleship suddenly surges forward, mighty guns raking the Lee class airships, sending one plunging into the ocean.

Now the Pflicht zeppelin bear down on the Hawk rotors, their weapons down one of the injured craft, while their rocket marines tear across the sky and overwhelm the British marines, capturing a second rotor. The Prussian Battleship accounts for the last Hawk rotor whilst the Sky Fortress sends crackling tesla energy arcing into the British battleship.

Meanwhile, the FSA frigates launch themselves forward at the massive Blazing Sun battleship, turning at the last moment to pour concentrated fire from all their turrets at close range. Their shots wreck havoc aboard the battleship, shutting down the shield generator, but before they have time to celebrate their success a huge shadow eclipses the sun, and the massive Tenaki Sky Fortress passes over them, raking them with bombs, then launching waves of sky samurai to capture two of the frigates in brutal hand-to-hand fighting. The FSA fighters hurl themselves into the Inari rotor, but the ack ack is brutal and the brave pilots are shot down. Meanwhile the FSA admiral, aboard his battleship, deprived of Prussian targets and incensed by the carnage, shoots another Inari gyro from the sky and heavily damages the third. The FSA crusiers, supported byt the Lee Shoutships bravely rake the Tenaki sky fortress and Blazing Sun Battleship with gunnery and rockets, but the return fire claims one cruiser and an airship.

Meanwhile the two remaining Blazing Sun frigates, at close range with the British cruisers and fleet carrier prepare to die bravely, their accurate fire heavily damages a British cruiser causing a reactor leak which kills all of the marines aboard, and the frigates subsequently dispatch sky samurai to capture their prize, while persistent rocket fire from the Blazing Sun cruisers claims another British cruiser.

The victorious Prussian rocket marines aboard the Pflicht zeppelin, fresh from their victory aboard the hark rotor now set their sights on a greater prize, the British battleship! Signals are flashed across the sky, and the great Imperium Sky Fortress lumbers forward, bathing the battleship in tesla electricity and destroying her fighter escort. Then the Pflicht airships launch their assault, rocket marines eliminating the royal marines aboard the battlehip with contemptuous ease, and capturing the mighty British battleship for the Empire!

Reeling from this loss the few remaining British ships disengage and steam for home, leaving their American allies little choice but to withdraw.

Final Victory Points:
Prussian Empire and Empire of the Blazing Sun: 1027
Kingdom of Britannia and Federated States of America: 529