Federated States of America - Fleet

Here are my Federated States of America naval forces.  I painted my original models in a shade of confederate grey, and fairly rapidly along with the three other starter fleets when Dystopian Wars was first released so I could start playing right away.  Enough new models had been released since I last painted the FSA that I decided to start over with a new scheme, taking my time.  I was influenced by the excellent work of both Big Mac and Laisu.  So here are the results:

Here's the big-boy of the FSA fleet, the mighty Enterprise Dreadnought:

Then the surprisingly durable Liberty heavy battleship, sporting a shield generator, which has proved a reliable inclusion:

Rounding out the big guns, the oldest battleship, the Independence, which I use as a major boarding threat when it is equipped with its Kinetic generator (and escorted):

The FSA has some solid carrier options, like the Saratoga with a large compliment of 9 tiny flyers:

Although my personal favourite is the San Fancisco, which has less SAS but a whole lot more attitude:

Finally, the Boston which seems like a great option, but which has (thus far) failed to live up to its potential for me:

Onto the medium ships, the Georgetown (Mk III) cruiser is a typical favourite

When you'd rather shoot first, and you've the points to spare the Princetown gunship is a solid choice: 

Then the Guilford destroyers, pricey, but they do pack a hefty punch:

Finally, the armoured fist of my fleet, the sturdy and ever dependable Revere corvettes, who have thus far never failed to earn back their points with interest:

The new Yale heavy destroyer:

And finally the stalwart of the FSA navy, the and Augusta frigate.