The Battle for Vladivostok - Battle Report (Part Three)

In the sky above the city the Zamiec Sky Fortress manoeuvres close to the Imperial Alchemical Institute, avenging the destruction of the remaining Polish-Lithuanian airships by further incinerating the Tenkei sky fortress, sparking a sudden Sturganium Flare. Seconds later the sky fortress reappears, now directly in the path of the Russian heavy armour.

A cadre of Blue Berets fire rocket packs and launch from the Sky Fortress toward the Blazing Sun objective, expecting to seize it with little resistance, but unexpectedly accurate ack ack fire from the Imperial Alchemical Institute tears them to pieces in mid-air, showering the streets below in blood and viscera. In response the mighty Sky Fortress parachutes a squadron of LZ5 Small Tanks to the streets outside, ringing the building in steel.
The air war rages on as Russian and Polish-Lithuanian fighters dogfight with their Japanese opponents, wiping out several enemy wings in an impressive display of aerial prowess.

Below the frantic aerial combat Kursk land dreadnought crushes farms and town buildings beneath its enormous wheels – seemingly intent on crushing the last of the Ke Ho small tanks that have dared to venture close to the Russian Lines. However, to the disbelief of Grand Duke Nikolaevich a trio of Ronin Walkers move to block the progress of the mighty tank. Elite Sky Samurai launch a coordinated attack, and rapidly cut down the Russian defenders, capturing, then sabotaging the enormous Kursk in short order. The Grand Duke’s bodyguards fight a desperate rear-guard action, allowing Nikolaevich precious seconds to flee the tank before they are cut down. Shaken by his brush with death the Grand-Duke flees to the fortified bunker complex for the remainder of the battle.
Retribution is swift. All three Ronin are destroyed by a devastating barrage from the massed Russian armour. But the Japanese aren’t finished yet, and well placed gunnery from the Taka-Ashi Mk I tears apart the Belgorod Landship moments later.
The Inari Scout Gyro’s close on the now undefended Zamiec Sky Fortress ;aunching wave after wave of Sky Samurai who expertly seize the mighty airship as a prize for the Chrysanthemum Throne.
At sea the Jian Battleship ignites its massive flamethrowers, and the Dudinka Carrier is engulfed in a raging inferno. Admiral Konstantinovich realises that he must end the Chinese threat and orders the Khatanga Heavy Battleship to ramming speed. Moments later there is a tremendous crash as the massive drill bores into the Chinese ship sending shards of timber flying in all directions. Despite the gaping hole in its side the Jian refuses to succumb and breaks free.
Meanwhile the mighty Zhamadao Dreadnought arrives in the midst of the oil rigs and elite Chinese marines seize a second platform, overpowering the Russian conscript defenders with contemptuous ease, while yet more fire sweeps over the Russian fleet.
Back on land, the ground before the city trembles and shakes. Moments later a massive drill breaks through the earth as the Vorkuta Land Drill surfaces, unloading a deadly cargo of Tikhvin Small Tanks. Then the mighty drill surges toward the nearby Taka-Ashi Mk II Heavy Walker, intent on turning the towering frame into scrap. However, the drill only strikes the walker a glancing blow. Seeing an opportunity the Samurai aboard the Taka-Ashi jump aboard the immense drill and force open the hatches and doors, killing everyone within, and leaving the Vorkuta a derelict wreck.

Authors Note: At the end of the third turn, the Imperial Bond score 14 Campaign Points (4 from objectives, and 10 from scrapyard Victory Points) while the Grand Coalition score 8 Campaign Points (3 from objectives, and 5 from scrapyard Victory Points). When added to the points from the first and second turns, the total scores are 26 points for the Imperial Bond and 20 for the Grand Coalition.

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