The Invasion of Port Stanley - Part 2

The huge invasion armada fills the horizon. Sleek battleships steam forward, their great guns firing a series of ranging shots at the distant port defences.  Nimble Blazing Sun corvettes advance on one flank, screening small landing barges crammed full of Ke-Ho small tanks. 
On the other flank the large Covenant of Antarctica barges, which hold the mighty Archimedes Heavy Walkers, linger near the pulsating energy of a Cllaimarchus time orb.  In the openind stages of the invasion, the orbs energies are focussed on a landing platform of Socrates bombards, and these are teleported to the coast, in order to bombard both the city and American warships which linger near the breakwater. 

Seemingly undaunted by the raw display of power the bunker which guards the port sends a salvo arcing into the cluster of small Covenant landing barges, sinking several and sending their cargo of Xenephon Walkers into the deep.

To the East of the city the ominous shape of a huge Gewitterwolke Airship appears over the hill, and moments later the gigantic shape of a Seydlitz Mobile Airfield accompanied by two Metzger robots becomes visible, the heavy iron treads of the huge robots causing the very earth to shake.  Above the Prussian force dozens of Prussian aircraft fill the sky, buzzing like flies around a herd of huge iron animals. 

The order to fire is given and the British bunker complex sends a salvo into the Prussian airship causing significant damage.  Moments later, a squadron of Merlin interceptors streak overhead, their tracers lighting the sky and ripping into the huge balloon causing further catastrophic damage.  In response the distant tesla coils on the mobile airfield and Metzger robots light up, and a burst of electricity tear through the tightly clustered small terrier tanks, but much of the Prussian fire is dissipated by the protective field of the guardian generator in the Sovereign Land Ship.

Meanwhile, in the harbour, the British destroyers steam forward to meet the invasion force head on, hopeful that their torpedoes might buy the city precious moments for overland reinforcements to arrive.  Diving from the sky Blazing Sun torpedo bombers strike without warning, sinking one of the ships.  Another is destroyed as a barrage of rockets from the Tenkei Sky Fortress fill their air with flaming death.

Blazing Sun frigates at the vanguard of the invasion fleet, exchange fire with a squadron of American frigates, before a series of salvos from the American battleship tear one of their number apart.  The Princeton Gunships, anchored next to the battleship, direct their fire into the Blazing Sun corvettes, claiming two of their number.

On the eastern flank, the Merlin Interceptors weave a deadly patter around the Gewitterwolke Airship, machine guns blazing, until the mighty airship is burning from a dozen places, and finally collapses in flaming ruin to the hill below.  Their victory is short lived, however, as Prussian fighters tear forward to avenge their airship.  The dogfight is fierce, and planes on both sides are sent plummeting to the earth.

British tanks on the outskirts of the city concentrate their fire on the lead Metzger robot, until the final shells from the mighty sovereign airship sent the giant robot to its knees, then with a deafening series of explosions, destroying the huge Prussian robot.  So focussed on their fire were they, the crew of the Sovereign land ship did not notice at first notice the telltale glow of temporal energy immediately before them.  Only when the Archimedes Heavy Walker emerges, teleported from a distant landing barge, its claw guns ripping through armour of the mighty tank, did they realise the extent of their peril.

As the titanic battle between the land ships unfolds the Archimedes realises its vulnerability amidst the British forces and scuttles backward, its guns leaving the once-mighty Sovereign a smoking ruin.  The Mark II tanks acted swiftly, sending their marines to board the mighty Antarctic war machine, slaying its defenders to ensure that it could cause no further harm behind the British lines while accurate fire from their guns caused serious damage aboard the Seydlitz Mobile Airfield.

Meanwhile the British gunners in the Bunker Complex fired shot after shot into the remaining Metzger root, until it lurches away drunkenly, belching smoke, and collapses. A squadron of Prussian Dive Bombers avenge this latest indignity by swooping on the British tanks, blowing one into smithereens.

In the harbour the large FSA Valley Airship has been striking at the Covenant landing barges, and now, as it lumber near a squadron of Plato cruisers, the American marines descend en-mass to take the vessel.  However they are unprepared for the withering ack-ack fire from the Antarctic cruisers which kills them to a man.  Emboldened by their success the Antarctic troops board the airship, and seize control of it.

The Vanguard submarines, which have approached the invasion fleet stealthily, now fire up their mighty chainsaw blades and ram the landing craft.  However, they experience little success and one is sunk almost immediately by vigilant Covenant drone dive bombers.
Now one of the sleek Covenant battleships rises from beneath the waves, and unleashes a ferocious barrage at the Savannah Sky Fortress which is moving to intercept the Blazing Sun War Gyro.  The devastating fire causes a series of fires to erupt aboard the sky fortress killing many crew.  A second series of shots from the Covenant battleship strikes a nearby Lee scoutship, and causes the balloon to erupt in a single massive explosion.  The shockwave causes significant damage to a second Lee scoutship, and this causes a Sturginium flare which instantaneously transports the Lee a short distance away, causing the remaining squadron to lose communications for a time.

Meanwhile the Callimarchus Time Orb activates once more, and this time a landing barge of Atticus walkers arrive instantaneously on the shoreline and advance toward the beleaguered bunker complex, firing steadily.

As the battle rages outside the city a squadron of Walze small tanks which had been using the mobile airfield to shield their advance, speed forward and destroy or board the remaining Mark II tanks, meanwhile the British terrier tanks continue to inflict significant damage on the lumbering mobile airfield, although without the protection of the guardian generator more and more small tanks are destroyed by the return fire.

In the harbour Covenant battleships on either flank inflict further casualties on the Americans, one claiming a Lee scoutship while the other sinks a Princeton gunship and badly damages the second.

The Savannah sky fortress and Tsukuyomi War Gyro continue to exchange heavy fire at the entrance to the breakwater, which leaves both vessels ablaze.  The bulk Blazing Sun landing craft have now almost made landfall...

Authors Note: At the end of day one all the objectives remained in the hands of the defending forces, but most of the garrison tanks and the FSA rapid response force had been destroyed.  Almost all the Bunkers had taken damage, with the Bunker Complex having suffered a large number of hull points.  Several of the Blazing Sun tanks were ashore with the bulk due to arrive the following turn.  The Antarctica forces were slightly further away, but several of their forces had been teleported ashore already. With the arrival of the reinforcements for both sides imminent, the game seemed to be evenly poised.